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Homeworkhelp4u is here to help you with your Physics homework. From time to time anyone can get stuck for an idea as to what to do for their homework assignment. Physics is accepted as one of the most challenging subjects to study being full of concepts and theories, meaning that you may well have reached the point where you need some help. Here at Homeworkhelp4u we’ve got the people that can give you that help with your Physics problem.



Ø      All our staff are highly qualified and experienced graduates with at least a BSc.

Ø      We only use our own ‘in-house’ staff.

Ø      Our tutors have international experience in teaching/delivering Physics courses and are familiar with the various curricula studied in both the USA and UK.

Ø      The solution we return to you will be as a fully formatted MS Word document; complete with any formulas, charts, diagrams etc that might be needed.

Ø      Our tutors have access to a vast array of other Physics resources, both textual and electronic.

Ø      Before returning the solution to you we manually and electronically check our work. This done manually by a supervisor and we compare our solution to that generated by software such as MathCad, Maple and MathLab.

Ø      You send us the Physics assignment you want help with and we will respond rapidly with a quote to meet your needs.

Ø      Our prices are highly competitive and very affordable.


Sample list of topics:

Classical mechanics









Maxwell’s equation



Heat engine

Kinetic theory

Quantum mechanics

Path integral formulation

Scattering theory

Schr?dinger equation

Quantum field theory

Quantum statistical mechanics